PGC is a powerful, diverse, and far-reaching movement inspiring young people to take action and protect our planet.

What is the Challenge?

Project Green Challenge 2014 is a global call to action for high school and college students to transition from conventional to conscious living. It successfully engages youth by uniting them in a commitment to sustain a healthy and just planet. Comprised of 30 challenges in 30 days throughout the month of October, PGC presents participants with daily themes (body, food, labeling, paper, fair trade, energy…) and up to four challenge opportunities at varying levels of engagement. Participants are awarded points based on challenge completion and the top 20 daily submissions receive prizes. Students from all over the world are joining the Challenge. Powerful, dynamic, passionate young leaders are stepping up to "be the change" worldwide challenging themselves to sustaining their own lives, school campuses, and local communities! Join Us!

How it Works

Daily challenges will be delivered by email to registered participants at 4 am Pacific Standard Time each morning and will be hosted on Challenges will be posted for 24 hours and participants will be asked to complete the Challenge tasks. Each of the 30 days features a unique theme (body, food, style, labeling, paper, fair trade…) and up to four challenge opportunities for varying levels of engagement: green, greener, greenest, extra credit. Participants can partake in one or all, become informed, upload content, win prizes, and acquire points for each of the challenge submissions completed. The challenges and all supporting resources, tips, facts, green glossary, and Green Guide will be available for viewing and further learning! Participants will be asked to share their responses to challenge tasks with direct uploads of photos, videos, and text to this site, as well as TTG Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest boards. Contestants who complete the 30-day Challenge will be invited to apply for the Challenge Finals, named Green University. Up to 16 finalists from the global collective of participants will be selected to attend this three-day eco summit in late November.

Green University

Finalists will be flown to Green U in San Francisco where they will have the opportunity to learn from and interact with esteemed eco leaders, present experiences from the 30-day Challenge, and work together to create innovative platforms for social action. This new slate of projects will be further developed by the students and mentors and implemented by Teens Turning Green, Partners, and youth nationwide in 2015. A panel of judges will select the Project Green Challenge Champion. The winner will receive a one-of-a-kind Grand Prize and the opportunity to work alongside other Challengers with Teens Turning Green and Partners in the coming year. Finalists will also receive a great prize package.

FAQ's: Get the Scoop on PGC 2014

Who can participate in Project Green Challenge?

Our target demographic is high school and college students. But, the Challenge is open to everyone, regardless of age, gender, or demographic, though only high school and college students in the USA are eligible for daily prizes. All high school and college students can earn a place as a Challenge Finalist and be flown to San Francisco for Green University.

What is an example of a daily challenge?

Each challenge will be built around a unique theme. Although the specific challenges will not be released until day-of, you can take a look at to see the challenges from PGC 2013.

Where did the idea for the Challenge come from?

The mother-daughter duo behind Teens Turning Green is also behind this initiative: Judi Shils and Erin Schrode. They developed the idea in 2011 as the inaugural effort. Alongside a brilliant team of students, partners and sponsors, we are building PGC 2014.

What does Project Green Challenge aim to accomplish?

The Challenge aims to empower and mobilize youth to action, inspiring them to transition their daily lives from conventional to conscious and understanding the significance of each choice we make every day.

Do I have to be eco conscious to sign up and participate?

Nope! The Challenge aims to inspire a transition from conventional thinking to a more conscious perspective. Regardless of current knowledge and lifestyle practices, if you are open to change, ready to learn, and want to make a difference, you are the perfect candidate to participate in PGC2014!

How do I become a Challenge Finalist?

Contestants that participate in the 30-day Challenge can apply for the Challenge Finals with a short application (“final exam”) and video that demonstrates their personal transition from conventional to conscious. A panel of judges will review each application and choose up to 16 students to be flown to Green University in late November!

What happens after the 30 days?

We hope that the Challenge will demonstrate to everyone how personal changes can have a big impact on one’s own health and that of the planet. If one month can inspire conscious thinking and responsible action, imagine the impact of whole years of mindful living.

How do I share my progress and hear about the experiences of others?

Participants will share daily experiences on the Challenge website with text, photos, videos, and full integration into social networks.

How can my school be involved?

Bring PGC to your high school, college, or student organization simply by signing up here! Many high schools, colleges, and universities are already on board with the Challenge after the success of PGC 2013. Current outreach includes student government, eco clubs, sustainability leaders, Greek systems, journalism, community service organizations, national PTAs, NAIS, Net Imact, and other youth-centered forums. Sign up and be a part of spreading this messaging far and wide!

Has Project Green Challenge ever happened before?

This is Year 4! We hope that this initiative will have a great impact for years to come.

What is Green University?

We have given the Challenge Finals a name, Green University! At the 3-day educational summit, up to 16 finalists will have a full head to toe eco make over, the opportunity to interact with and learn from esteemed leaders, present experiences from the 30-day Challenge, and work to create platforms for social action.

Does it cost anything to participate?

Absolutely not! Participating in this challenge is completely free and open to anyone.

Why should I get involved?

There are many reasons to get involved! Here are a few of our favorites:
    • Learn the benefits of eco living. Immerse yourself for 1 month – and possibly longer!
    • Become a leader in your school or community’s environmental initiatives. This is a
       perfect time to start, complete with tips and resources to guide you along the way.
    • Reduce your carbon footprint over the course of the thirty challenges. Making a
       difference for the planet begins with individual actions.
    • Use the Challenge as a catalyst for change. Embrace a new, more conscious lens
       through which to live your life.

What companies and organizations are involved?

We are incredibly fortunate to have the support of a strong consortium of leading companies, non-profit organizations, and media outlets. Check out the TTG website and click on the Partners page to read more.

Are there prizes for every Challenge?

For every challenge you complete, you are eligible to win points and for the Greener and Greenest Challenges each day, there are great prizes for up to 20 winners! The deeper you go, the better your chances are to be a winner! And don’t forget about the fantastic Challenge Finalist and Grand Prize packages. They will be posted in August on

Does Project Green Challenge have a social media presence?

Yes! And we want to hear from you.
Join us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at