Dear PGC 2014 Participants,

Welcome to PGC 2014! We are honored that high school and college students from all over the world will sign up to take this 30-Challenge. Get ready for a fun, inspiring, mobilizing, and life changing experience. Our entire team is cheering you on and eager to experience your transition from conventional to conscious living.

Please read ALL instructions here before you begin. They will explain how to participate (and succeed!) in Project Green Challenge.

1. Each morning at 4 am Pacific Daylight Time you will receive an email with the Challenge link and information for the day. To view the full challenge and upload your submission you will need to log into www.projectgreenchallenge.com.

2. If today is your first time on the PGC website, you will need to sign in and choose a user name and password. Click "new member" to create your account. This is the point where you can register as a team, if you choose (up to 4 people). Once your personal/team account is set up, you will simply use that log in each day.

3. Every participant will accrue points for the daily Challenges they complete. Additional points will be allotted for outstanding work at the discretion of our judges. 20 winners will receive daily prizes for "best of" submissions. Only residents of North America are eligible for daily prizes, but all students globally have the opportunity to compete to become a Challenge Finalist, attend the Challenge finals in San Francisco, with a chance to win the Grand Prize.

Please take a look at the instructions below before you get started, they will help you understand how to participate!

Ten Easy Steps to Participate in PGC 2014

1) Registration
    • Go to www.projectgreenchallenge.com and click the "Sign Up/Login"
      button. This will direct you to a registration form.
    • Once registered, you will be prompted to create a username and
    • If you are participating as a team, this is when you will register as such.
      You will see a team option on the page and your team can include up to 4
    • All participants must agree to the PGC 2014 Official Terms & Conditions
    • Once you have Signed Up, use that information to Log In and complete
      challenges and upload submissions daily!

2) Daily Prompt:
    • You will receive daily emails alerting you of the release of a new day's
    • You must login and upload submissions for each day's challenge
    • You will have from 4 am Pacific Time to 3:59 am PT the following day to
      complete and upload submissions for that challenge
    • Once the 24 hours has passed, there will be no more submissions
      accepted for that day. We suggest submitting content a few minutes
      before that deadline to ensure success

3) Daily Challenges:
    • Each challenge will have unique theme (Eg. Body, Food, Style, Water,
      Labeling, Fair Trade, etc.)
    • Each challenge will have four associated levels:
         – Green (Entry Level) – Up to 10 points
         – Greener (Intermediate Level) – Up to 20 points (win daily Prizes)
         – Greenest (Advanced Level) – Up to 30 points (win daily Prizes)
         – Extra Credit (Most Advanced Level) – 40 or more points
    • Participants must complete the Green Level before attempting the
      subsequent levels (ie. You cannot only do Greenest, you must complete
      Green and Greener first)
    • On some days will feature bonus points and challenges with deeper
      engagement (ie. longer time to complete, more points awarded, prizes
      valued at $300+, etc.)

4) Your Job:
    • To participate in a challenge you must do the following:
         – Read the Challenge Overview to gain insight into the day's theme
         – Reach the challenge questions from the Green, Greener, Greenest, and
            Extra Credit tabs
         – Upload submissions, beginning with Green
    • Challenge submissions requirements vary and may include writing,
      surveys, YouTube video links, photos, Pinterest boards, Facebook posts,
      Tweets...and more

5) Points:
    • Submissions will be reviewed daily by PGC judges
    • Participants will accrue points over 30 days
    • Total points accrued over the course of the entire challenge account
      for 1/4 of finalist selection criteria
    • Bonus points for outstanding work may be awarded at the discretion of
      PGC judges
    • The top total points will be displayed on the Leaderboard daily

6) Daily Prizes:
    • Each day, up to 20 prize packages will be awarded to Challengers (Up to
      10 for Greener submissions and up to 10 for Greenest submissions)
    • If a team is selected, the team will receive one prize package
    • Submissions will be judged on content quality and creativity
    • Only students who are enrolled in high school, college, graduate school or
      home schooled and residents of North America are eligible to win daily

7) Finalists:
    • At the end of the PGC 2014, participants may compete to be one of
      up to 14 finalists to attend the PGC Finals (Green U) in San Francisco
      in early December
    • Finalists will be announced on November 7 and flown to San Francisco
      on November 30 to attend Green U
    • Selection will be based on total points, a final exam (uploaded Nov 1),
      and a video retrospective created by you about your 30–day journey
      from conventional to conscious living
    • If a team is selected as a finalist, the group must elect one member to
      represent the team at Green U
    • Only students enrolled in high school, college, or graduate school are
      eligible to be selected as a finalist
    • Challenge finalists must be available to travel to San Francisco in December
      – (Dates TBA)

8) Green U:
    • Green U PGC Finals is a three-day eco-summit in early December
      hosted in Marin County, California
    • Finalists will be flown into San Francisco and given full accommodations
      and food throughout the summit
    • Finalists will have opportunities to learn from esteemed eco–leaders
      and work in groups to develop social action platforms
    • Each finalist must make final presentations to a team of judges about his
      or her individual experience during the 30–day challenge
    • The PGC Champion will be awarded a unique Grand Prize Package and all
      finalists will receive a Finalist Prize Package
    • If a representative of a team is selected as the Champion, the Grand Prize
      will be shared among all the team members

9) PGC & Beyond:
    • Champions and finalists will have the opportunity to work with the Teens
      Turning Green team in 2014 and implement social change and exciting
      programs on campuses worldwide!

10) Good Luck!:
    • Have fun and immerse yourself in the Challenge, share wisdom, ask
      questions, and support your fellow challengers!
    • Please feel free to contact us anytime at info@teensturninggreen.org
      or (415) 280-1001 or via social media on Facebook or Twitter

Quick Tips 2014:
    • Include your name and school on ALL content that you upload to ensure
      points are properly tallied and awarded.
    • Be as creative as you can with photos and videos. Bonus points are given
      for excellent work!
    • Upload all content to PGC and also feel free to share on our TTG
      Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as your own social networks. Tag
      @TeensTurnGreen and use #PGC2014 - we are watching!

For the next 30 days, our TTG team is waiting at the other end of your emails, tweets, and wall posts to respond, support, cheer you on, and be inspired! Do not hesitate to reach out with any and everything at info@teensturninggreen.org.

Here's to an awesome journey. Good Luck!

The PGC Team